Inaugural Stock Pitch Competition

SAIS International Finance Club is excited to announce the inaugural Stock Pitch Competition. This is a great opportunity for those interested in the stock market to practice their investment ideas. Participants will develop investment selection and financial analysis skills while receiving feedback from experienced professionals. The competition is open to all Masters candidates enrolled at SAIS.

Please see below the detailed timeline and participation rules.

  • Introductory Workshop – Thursday, February 27, 12.00 – 1.30PM @N417, we will cover
    • Basics of stock valuation, research methods and data resources
    • Competition rules, such as timeline and judging criteria.
    • *makeup session on Wednesday, March 4, 12.00 – 1.30PM @BOB310
  • Team formation, registration, and submission 
    • Each team will have one to three students that are currently enrolled full-time at SAIS. Participants will be allowed to choose their own teammates. 
    • Teams can choose any common stock that is publicly traded and pitch either a long or short position on the chosen stock. Security options that are ineligible for the competition are the following: Over-the-counter stocks, ETFs, ETNs, closed-end funds, and other exchange-traded securities, including options, futures, and currencies.
    • To register, each team must submit the following to SAIS International Finance Club ( by Wednesday, March 18 11.59PM (extended from the original March 15)
      1. Team formation (name, email, and resume of all team members, and if available for the March 27th final presentation);
      2. A paragraph of write-up with a clear buy or sell recommendation of your stock (no more than half page). 
  • Eight qualified teams will receive a confirmation email by Thursday, March 19 (extended from the original March 16) and will then be given 10 days to prepare a PowerPoint presentation with a detailed analysis of their stock pitch. The final presentation file should be submitted by Tuesday, March 26 11.59PM. 
  • Final Contest – Friday, March 27 1.00 – 5.00PM @Zoom Video Conference (Link to be provided)
    • Teams will pitch to the judges and audience in a block of around three hours. Each team has strictly ten minutes for their presentation and up to five minutes for questions from the judges and the audience.  
    • Judge Panel
      • Confirmed: Charles (Chip) Oat, CFA, Equity Portfolio Manager at Tradition Capital Management
      • Confirmed: Massimo Marolo, Senior Analyst at Sands Capital Management
      • Tentative: Gary Talarico, Adjunct Professor at SAIS, Managing Partner of Cora Street Partners
    • Prize
      • Winner: $100 cash prize
      • Second place: $50 cash prize
    • Award ceremony & Happy Hour after the presentation
  • Judging Criteria
    • Quality of the analysis: How thorough is their analysis of the industry, company, and competitors? How well did the contestant(s) explained their analysis and assumptions to support the investment idea? Was there creative, value-added research?
    • Presentation: Did the contestant(s) deliver a compelling presentation within the time limit? How effective/convincing was their presentation? Was it logical and did the facts support the recommendation?
    • Question and answer: Were the contestants able to answer the questions effectively and with confidence?

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