Leadership: Fall 2019

SAIS International Finance Club Fall 2019 Leadership


Wei Zhao

Wei serves as the Co-President of the SAIS International Finance Club where she supports students exploring and pursuing careers in international finance and providing opportunities and resources to support their career goal. Wei is a second-year student pursuing an M.A. in International Affairs at Johns Hopkins SAIS, with a concentration in Latin American Studies and Specialization in International Finance. Wei is passionate about capital market development in developing and emerging markets and the private sector’s role in leading the growth and developing innovative finance. Currently, she also interns at the Milken Institute Global Market Development team where she practices both quantitative and qualitative analysis skills learned at SAIS in the field she is passionate about. Prior to SAIS, she got a Bachelor of Engineering degree from a university in China and worked in an international development organization in Denver, Colorado.

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Lareina Wang
Lareina is a second-year MA student pursuing a concentration on Energy, Resources and Environment. Together with Wei, Lareina oversees club operations and maintains close contact with SAIS Career Services, SGA and alumni. She also leads the Peer Coaching Program where current students get handy helps on job applications and interview preparation from recent graduates in the industry. Prior to SAIS, Lareina worked at an impact investment fund in Canada, evaluating investment opportunities in green consumer product and energy efficiency sectors. She has also recently interned at a sustainable infrastructure investment firm and is determined to continue the path. Lareina holds a B.Com degree in Finance from McGill University and has passed CFA Level II exam.


Caroline Miranda
Vice President – General
Caroline Miranda serves as the General Vice President of the SAIS International Finance club. As a second-year MA student at SAIS pursuing concentrations in International Economics and Latin American Studies, she is excited about helping fellow students pursuing jobs and internships in the financial sector. Prior to SAIS, Caroline spent a year in Sabah, Malaysia completing a Fulbright English teaching assistant grant. The summer between completing her studies at SAIS she interned at Compass Asset Management in Santiago, Chile. Currently, she is completing an internship at the United States Department of Treasury in the Markets Room, which advises senior Departmental officials on global financial markets.


Jesse Adler
Vice President of Business Development
Jesse is pleased to join the SAIS International Finance Club (SIFC) as VP of Business Development. In this role, he acts as a liaison between SIFC and its valuable corporate contacts, keeping a pulse on and connecting with the ever-growing SAIS alumni network working across the financial sector in multiple geographies. He looks forward to serving as a resource to current SAISers seeking to enter the banking and asset management industries. Jesse is a second-year M.A. candidate in International Economics at Johns Hopkins SAIS, with a concentration in China Studies. He spent his first year studying at the school’s Nanjing Center in China, where he enhanced his Chinese language proficiency and deepened his understanding of China’s global relations. Jesse recently interned with the U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration. Prior to starting graduate school, he worked at the U.S. Department of Defense. Jesse holds a B.B.A. in Management from the University of Massachusetts—Amherst and completed various finance internships during college. He plans to leverage both his diverse work experience and analytical skills learned at SAIS to pursue a career in international finance.


Zoe Li
Vice President of Business Development
Zoe serves as the VP of Business Development at the SAIS International Finance Club. In her last semester, Zoe wishes to act as the bridge between SAIS students and alumni within the financial industry especially in APAC markets to help SAIS increase its impacts across different regions. Zoe is an MA student with a concentration in ERE and specific interests in emerging markets and Tech industry. During her time at SAIS, she had had some experiences within venture capital, in which she started to develop interests in the intersection among emerging markets, finance and technology. She believes that SAIS is a unique place to prepare students for the future realm of work. In her spare time, she is also involved with a cross-border investment podcast: The Harbinger to provide unique information about Chinese startups to the U.S investors.

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Kyla Persky
Vice President of Business Development
As the Vice President of Business Development, Kyla serves as one of the primary liaisons between the SIFC and key corporations and alumni in the industry. Throughout the course of this year, she looks forward to establishing lasting partnerships to help both current and future generations of SAIS students make inroads in the finance community.  Kyla first began her Master’s experience in Bologna and is now wrapping up her studies with a final year in DC. Her concentrations are International Economics and Conflict Management, with a minor in American Foreign Policy and a specialization in International Finance. Long term, she aspires to combine this trans-Atlantic education with her hands-on experience in emerging markets, seeking to pursue a career on the operational value creation side of the private equity industry.

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Rozi Lamprakaki
Vice President of Communications
Rozi serves as the VP of Communications at the SAIS International Finance Club where she hopes to expand the reach of the club and organize exciting Finance events for the SAIS community. Rozi is a MIEF (Master’s in International Finance and Economics student) student with particular interests in Private Equity and Emerging Markets. Prior to SAIS she was working at UBS Private Wealth Management in Washington DC and received her undergraduate degree from the George Washington University double majoring in Finance and Economics.

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Caroline Lupetini
Vice President of Communications
Caroline serves as the VP of Communications of the SAIS International Finance Club, where she looks forward to supporting students to find jobs and internships within the field, as well as publicizing exciting events in the financial space. Caroline is a second-year student pursuing an M.A. at Johns Hopkins SAIS, with a concentration in European and Eurasian Studies and Specialization in International Finance and Russian and Eurasian Studies. She is especially interested in sovereign and credit risk, with past experience at a major ratings agency. Presently, she is a financial analyst intern at Delphos International, a development financing and financial advisory firm, where she is excited about learning more about large-scale development infrastructure. Before SAIS, she received her B.A. in International Studies from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, and held several internships with the federal government.


Zoe Oysul
Vice President of Communications
Zoe serves as the VP of Communications where she looks forward to creating a platform to support students with a variety of interest areas during their journey into the finance field. She also looks forward to organizing exciting events that bring together the SAIS community and experts in the field. Zoe is a first-year student pursuing her M.A. at Johns Hopkins SAIS, with a concentration in Energy, Resources and Environment and Specialization in Infrastructure Finance and Policy. She has a strong interest in renewable energy project finance as countries start changing their energy mix. She has experience interning at Vital Voices, an NGO that supports women entrepreneurs who help accelerate economic growth and improve social conditions in their communities. Prior to SAIS, Zoeattended Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD for her undergraduate studies, where she majored in International Studies and Economics.


Zhiyi Fan
Second-Year Representative
Zhiyi serves as the second-year representative at the SAIS International Finance Club where he will provide supports to the events held by the club. Zhiyi is an Energy Resources and Environment concentrator at SAIS and is pursuing a specialization in Infrastructure Finance and Policy. With a strong interest in energy, environment, and finance, Zhiyi was an intern at a leading think tank in China, analyzing China’s financing strategies for overseas energy projects. He also worked for a Chinese investment bank, focusing on valuing environmental protection companies in China.  In the future, he would like to find a job related to project finance and infrastructure regulations. Prior to SAIS, he got a Bachelor of Laws from Renmin University of China.

Tracey Fung
First-Year Representative & ESG Specialist
Tracey is pursuing an M.A. degree at SAIS, with concentrations on International Economics and China Studies and a specialization in International Finance. She has a strong interest in ESG and impact investing and joined SIFC to share this interest with the broader SAIS community. She also has extensive experience working with social enterprises in Papua New Guinea and the Democratic Republic of Congo, which drives her interest in learning about financial market development in developing countries. Prior to SAIS, Tracey worked at an economic development organization in Washington, D.C. She received her bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley.


Ishaan Shanker Tiwari
First-Year Representative
Ishaan serves as a First-year Student Representative of the SAIS Finance Club. In this role, he seeks to help the Finance Club in arranging events for the club and thereby facilitate greater engagement of the club with the SAIS community. Ishaan is a first-year student with a concentration in International Development, pursuing a specialization in Quantitative Methods and Economic Theory.  He is immensely interested in private investments and their impact on institutions in developing policies. Before coming to SAIS, he served as the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister for Tribal Affairs in the Government of India and has had a prolonged association with the Indian Parliament, where he interned under distinguished parliamentarians. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bristol.


Chenyu Wu
First-Year Representative
Chenyu serves as the first-year representative at the SAIS International Finance Club, supporting the event organization and newsletter publication of club. He is now pursuing his MA degree at SAIS with a concentration in Southeast Asia Studies.

Before SAIS, Chenyu has experience working in several influential think tanks in China, such as Carnegie-Tsinghua Center and Paulson Institute, where he developed his interest in Chinese overseas investment in emerging markets. Besides his study at SAIS, he also serves a leadership role in BRIVE!, a startup company aiming to establish a one-stop consulting platform for Chinese SMEs going overseas. He received his bachelor’s degree in international politics from the University of International Relations in Beijing.


Chengwu Xu
First-Year Representative
Chengwu serves as the first-year representative at the SAIS International Finance Club. In this role, he assists the club’s event organization, communication, and student community engagement efforts. He has a strong interest in the energy sector and emerging Asia finance.

Chengwu is now a first-year MA student at SAIS pursuing International Political Economy concentration and Energy, Resources and Environment as a prospective minor. Prior to SAIS, he has held positions as a political risk analyst, an energy sector market consultant and a small start-up’s co-founder. He received LL.B. in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from Peking University, during which he spent two exchange semesters in Berkeley and Paris.

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