Weekly Newsletter 11/14/2016

Newsletter – Week of November 14, 2016

Club members, please see information on this week’s recent news and exciting events as well as internship/full-time position deadlines.

-Your SAIS International Finance Club Leadership


Recent Finance News

Federal Reserve Board
Stanley Fischer, Vice-Chair of the Federal Reserve board signaled a second hike in the short term interest rates on Friday. He also said that fiscal support for the economy would be appreciated. A stimulus from the government would help the central bank in tightening monetary policy and also keep the inflation under control.
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Central Bank independence
There are increasing fears that the central bank will lose its independence as the President-elect talks about appointing someone that shares his beliefs. Theresa May has also made a statement similar to this. The two politicians are seeking for a mix of looser fiscal policy but a tighter monetary policy. To achieve this mix, both of the politicians have to appoint compliant governors.
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Market Data:
FTSE 100: -1,43%
S&P 500: -0.14%
Dow Jones: +0.21%
Euro/Dollar: 1.08 (-0.47%)
Pound/Dollar: 1.26 (-0.34%)

Jobs & Internships

Firm Position Deadline
The World Bank Group Intern, European National Affairs Offic 17-Nov
Moody’s Investor Services Implementation Consultant 17-Nov
International Monetary Fund Deputy Division Chief 18-Nov
BlackRock Multi-Asset Client Sollution Strategist 21-Nov
International Finance Corporation KM and Online Communications STC 21-Nov
The World Bank Group Short-term Consultant – IT and Statistics Expert 21-Nov
Asian Development Bank Climate Finance Specialist 23-Nov
Morgan Stanley Central Policy Office Vice-President 24-Nov
Quantitative Analyst Model Risk Associate/VP 24-Nov
Cartica Capital Spring 2017 Intern 25-Nov
FBB Capital Partners Spring Intern, Equity Research 25-Nov
International Finance Corporation Business Development Manufacturing, Agribusiness and Services 25-Nov
Delphos International Ltd. Finance Analyst Intern 25-Nov
The World Bank Group STC – Doing Business Intern 1-Dec


On Campus Events



Nov. 15“Federal Reserve Board Information Session” Organized by SAIS Career Services. 12:30pm-2:00pm. Nitze 417. RSVP on SAISWorks.


Nov. 9“U.S. monetary policy–current concerns of a Fed policy maker (and SAIS grad)” Join SAIS International Finance Club in a talk on U.S. monetary policy by Dennis P. Lockhart, president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. This event is open to SAIS students and the public.4:30pm-6:00pm. BOB 500 . RSVP here.


Off-Campus Events

Upcoming Off-Campus Events:

Economists For Peace And Security Symposium: Policy Challenges For The New US President
Date: November 14, 8:30AM

Economists for Peace and Security will conduct its 9th annual policy symposium at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill in Washington DC on November 14, 2016 to discuss the economic dimensions of the most pressing global security issues and those facing the domestic economy. Following one of the most unusual presidential and congressional elections in US history, three panels of senior specialists will present ideas for improving prospects for peace, and growth with fairness for all Americans. For more information: http://www.epsusa.org/events/events.htm

Two-Way Street – 25 Years Of US-China Direct Investment
Date: November 14, 10:00AM – 12:00PM

Join us as we launch and discuss an important new report, Two-Way Street – 25 Years of US-China Direct Investment, that unveils a fuller, more accurate picture of two-way direct investment flows between the United States and China, past and present. The report will enable policy and business leaders on both sides of the Pacific to better manage this growing element of the bilateral economic relationship. For more information: https://elliott.gwu.edu/calendar?trumbaEmbed=view%3Devent%26eventid%3D121288355


Newsletter Contributors:
Recent Finance News: Yanki Kalfa
On Campus Events: Nikki Tan
Jobs and Internships: Quinn Campbell
Off-Campus Events: Marco Kim
Newsletter Editor: Yanki Kalfa


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