Weekly Newsletter – December 1, 2015

SAIS International Finance Club Weekly Newsletter – December 1, 2015

Club members, please see information on this week’s recent news and exciting events as well as important internship/full-time position deadlines.

–Your SAIS International Finance Club Leadership


WSJ: What Happens to the Yuan Now?

  • The IMF has announced it will add the Yuan to its elite basket of reserve currencies.
  • The decision will take effect next October and comes as a result of China’s government easing restrictions on its rigidly controlled exchange rate and financial system.
  • A “liberated” Yuan could add volatility to China’s trade picture and raise the risk of capital flight

WSJ: ECB to Test the Limits of Its Bond-Buying Program

  • Under its quantitative easing program, the European Central Bank has been buying 60BN Euros of bonds per month
  • Current ECB deposit rate is -0.2%, but some yields on safe government bonds have fallen below that point. 2Y German bonds are currently sitting at -0.4% yield
  • As a result, investors are expecting the ECB to decrease the deposit rate so as to increase the available pool of bonds that the ECB can buy
  • Bond yields have decreased dramatically after ECB president Mario Draghi announced additional stimulus this past Thursday
  • So far, the ECB has been successful in purchasing the desired magnitude of bonds, but it may start running up to limitations as it significantly scales up its quantitative easing program


Dec. 4: Economic Reforms in India in the Narendra Modi Era. A talk by Vivek Dehejia, professor of Economics at Carleton University. 12:30pm – 2:00pm. Rome 103. RSVP here.


Dec. 3, 12pm: “EconNet Brown Bag Seminar Series: Sovereign Risk, Currency Risk, and Corporate Balance Sheets” Authors discuss a study examining the question of why a government would default on debt denominated in its own currency. Using a newly constructed dataset of 14 emerging markets, they document that the private sector continues to borrow from abroad in foreign currency while sovereigns increasingly borrow from foreigners in local currency. For more information, click here.

Dec. 7, 1:30pm: “Banking While Poor: From Fiascos And Fees To The Fight For Financial Inclusion” New America Foundation hosts a discussion about how to build better banking options for low-income families and ensure that all Americans have safe, secure access to their money. For more information, click here.

Internships – If no contact listed, details available on SAISWorks
Delphos International – Financial Intern (with a potential transition to a full-time position) – unspecified, Contact: Niki Doshi, Vice President,ndoshi@delphosinternational.com 

JP Morgan – Risk Management Summer Internships – Deadline 12/01

IFC – Paris Internship Business Development – Deadline 12/08

HSBC [Resume Collection] – EMEA Summer Internship Positions – Deadline 12/17

Aberdeen Asset Management [Resume Collection] – US Summer Internship Positions – Deadline 12/17

Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) – Non-paid Student Volunteer Intern, Capital Markets – Deadline 12/15

Fitch Ratings – Summer Analyst – Deadline 01/01/16 

D. Capital – Summer Investment Associate – Deadline 01/10/16

Accion International – Venture Lab Summer Associate – Deadline 01/15/16

Full-time – If no contact listed, details available on SAISWorks 

Kekst and Company (New York) – Associate – Deadline 12/02

Fitch Ratings – Associate Analyst – Deadline 01/01/16

Fitch Ratings – Director, Latin America Sovereigns – Deadline 01/21/16

Morgan Stanley – Financial Advisor Associate – Deadline unspecified. Find the link here.

Raymond James – Investment Banking Associate – Deadline unspecified. Find the link here.

SenecaOne Finance – Financial Analyst – Deadline unspecified. Find the link here.

Edelman – Financial Analyst – Deadline unspecified. Find the link here.

Spectrum – Financial Analyst – Deadline unspecified. Find the link here.
Editor: Cristina Valdez Pineda
On-Campus Events: Nikki Tan
Off-Campus Events: Anna Lund
Jobs & Internships: Siqi Zhou
Recent News: Putt Rodchareon

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