SIFC Kickoff Event: “Intro to Finance” with Professor Brown

The SAIS International Finance Club (SIFC) kicked off the 2015-2016 school year with an “Introduction to Finance” event hosted by Club President Steve Eisen and with guest speaker SAIS Professor Winthrop Brown.  Steve welcomed a classroom packed full of interested SAIS students to the first SIFC event of the new school year and explained that there will be leadership opportunities for the club this year and how to apply.

Then Steve turned it over to Professor Brown, who provided a detailed, but succinct overview of the finance sector, the different types of jobs & careers and the work involved in each type of position.  He finished his presentation with questions from the audience.

Steve thanked Professor Brown and reminded everyone of the next SIFC event coming in early October, the Summer Internship Panel, where SAIS students will be speaking about their finance internship experiences over the summer and providing tips and advice about the search and application process.

Thank you everyone for coming out today!


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