Weekly Newsletter – April 27, 2015

April 26, 2015


SAIS International Finance Club Weekly Newsletter – Apr 27, 2015

Club members, please see information on this week’s exciting events below as well as important internship/full-time position deadlines.

–Your SAIS International Finance Club Leadership 


Apr 29: “Expanding Access to Finance through Digital Financial Services” The introduction and expansion of agent banking and mobile money in recent years is helping to bring down the cost of financial inclusion and is dramatically changing the financial landscape. Today, mobile financial services are available in over 60 percent of developing countries, and there is evidence that, at least in some markets, the availability of mobile money agents in rural areas is on the rise (GSMA 2015). Despite these promising trends, rural markets remain largely underserved, and sustainably providing the full range of needed financial services to rural populations remains a challenge. This panel will bring together donors and practitioners to discuss the experience to date in expanding access to finance in rural areas through digital financial services – what’s worked (or is showing promise), and what hasn’t. For more information click here.

Apr. 29: “Examining the Role of Capital Markets in the Economy”–  Capital markets are the largest source of financing for the U.S. economy, supplying over $8 trillion in corporate debt and trillions more in mortgage funding. They also provide investment opportunities for families, both directly and through mutual funds, 401(k)’s, and pension funds. Further, capital markets affect the health and profitability of banks, insurers, and other financial institutions. Despite these important functions, capital markets are often poorly understood. On Wednesday, April 29, the Initiative on Business and Public Policy at Brookings will explore the economic role of capital markets. The event will begin with a background presentation on the nature of capital markets followed by three panels of experts presenting perspectives from securities issuers, investors, and regulators. All speakers will take audience questions. For more information click here.

Apr. 23: “ISDS in FTAs: An Essential Ingredient or Fly In the Soup?” – Since NAFTA, the United States has included investment chapters in its free trade agreements (FTAs) that protect investors against uncompensated expropriation, nationality-based discrimination, trade-distorting local content requirements, and arbitrary or inequitable treatment. As the US seeks to conclude the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and advance the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), these investment rules, as well as the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanism, are being heavily debated.  Is ISDS an essential ingredient in a successful trade agreement?  Or is it an unnecessary burden in trade negotiations? For more information click here.


Internships – If no contact listed, details available on SAISWorks

FINCA International
– Data Analyst Intern (Paid) – Deadline  04/30

FINCA International
– Market Research Volunteer – Deadline  04/30

U.S. Trade Representative – Summer Intern – Deadline  04/30

U.S. Department of Commerce (ITA) – Summer Intern – Deadline 05/01

Japan Center for International Finance – Intern (Paid) – Deadline 05/15

FINCA International – Project Management Volunteer- Deadline  05/31

FINCA International – Executive Initiatives Volunteer – Deadline  06/30

US-China Business Council – Research Internship – Deadline  06/01

Full-time – If no contact listed, details available on SAISWorks

MicroSave – Senior Quantitative Specialist (India or Kenya) – Deadline 04/30

PwC – Full-time Associate – Deadline 05/06

Social Impact – Administrative Assistant – Deadline 05/29

Park Advisors – Myanmar: short-term consultant  – Deadline 05/29


Off-Campus Events: Ahmed Aliyu
Jobs & Internships: Jingyang Chen
Editor: Wendy Chen


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