Weekly Newsletter – October 26, 2014

SAIS International Finance Club Weekly Newsletter – October 26, 2014

Club members, please see information on this week’s exciting events below as well as important internship/full-time position deadlines.

–Your SAIS International Finance Club Leadership 


Accion, 2014 Associate Intern
Title: Associate Intern
Department: Frontier Investments Group
Location: Washington, DC
Details and Apply: See attached

2014 Asia Career Trek
The Asia Trek will be January 18-23, 2015. Shanghai, January 18-20. Hong Kong, January 21-23. For details and apply, see SAISWorks. No more than 20 students will be accepted, half from DC and half from the Nanjing Center. Applications are being accepted through November 9. For questions, please contact Hopkins-Nanjing Center Career Counselor, Robbie Shields at rshields@hnc.nju.edu.cn

SIFC Event: Five Policy Relevant Questions On The Mind of a Fed Policy Maker
Dennis P. Lockhart is a SAIS alumnus and the 14th President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. The SAIS International Finance Club is honored to invite him for a talk and Q&A session after his FOMC meeting. The session will be moderated by Professor Leeds, and is strictly off the record. Wednesday, October 29th, 1-2pm, Bob 500. RSVP to saisinternationalfinance@gmail.com

Oct. 29: “An Update on Argentina and the Debt Default Saga” – Dr. Arturo Porzecanski, Distinguished Economist in Residence at American University’s School ofInternational Service, will discuss this topic as part of the Latin American Studies Program weekly seminar series. Wednesday, 12:45pm. Nitze 517. Faculty, staff and students should RSVP to SAIS Latin American Studies Program at jmcgeoch@jhu.edu


Oct. 28: “Improving Access to Credit: The Role of Risk Based Pricing in Consumer Lending” – Join the Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness (CCMC) for an event focused on risk-based pricing in theconsumer markets. This event will feature the release of a report, written by Dr. Michael Staten, endowed professor and director of the Take Charge America Institute for Consumer Financial Education and Research at the University of Arizona. The report, Risk-Based Pricing in Consumer Lending, outlines the role of this practice, how it has transformed consumer credit markets, and discusses the consequences of a return to flat-based pricing. Tuesday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. US Chamber of Commerce. For more information click here
Oct. 31: “The Doing Business 2015 Report: Going Beyond Efficiency” – The World Bank Group’s Doing Business report highlights the complications the private sector faces across countries by summarizing government regulations on business into comparable indicators. The issues identified by the annual report have prompted major reforms on property rights, contract enforcement, and other business procedures around the world. The recent launch of the report provides an opportunity to have a policy dialogue on ways the Doing Business Indicators can be better leveraged towards development goals. Join CSIS for a conversation on the development and economic growth implications of the Doing Business 2015 report, featuring expert panelists from the World Bank, U.S. Agency for International Development, and relevant representatives from governments around the word. Friday 10:00 am – 11:30 am. Center for Strategic and International Studies. For more information click here

Nov. 5: “Financial Stability after Dodd Frank: Have We Ended Too Big to Fail?” – More than four years after it was signed, has the Dodd Frank Act ended too big to fail as promised? Has financial reform made the financial system healthy and stable? In this conference leading experts, including current and former policymakers, will address regulators’ progress in developing a framework that will allow large financial institutions to “fail” without harming the economy, measures intended to reduce the fragility and excessive risk and risk taking in the financial system, as well as industry structure and the so-called shadow banking system. Wednesday 8:45 am – 4:45 pm. George Washington University Law School. For more information click here
Newsletter Contributors
On-Campus Events: Wenxin Lin
Off-Campus Events: Jingwen Lu
Jobs & Internships: Wendy Zhiyi Chen
Editor: Wendy Zhiyi Chen


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