Weekly Newsletter – October 19, 2014

SAIS International Finance Club Weekly Newsletter – October 19, 2014

A group of twenty SAISers from the Finance Club went to Omaha on Friday to meet with the most successful investor in the 20th century – Warren Buffett – and had a thought provoking lunch with him. SAIS was very luckily the only school that sat at Mr. Buffett’s table during lunch. To share Mr. Buffett’s wisdom with those not on the trip, we are planning to host a sharing session after the midterms. Please watch for more details if you are interested.

Photo: SAIS International Finance Club Members with Mr. Warren Buffett (Photo Credit: Margaux Fimbres)

–Your SAIS International Finance Club Leadership 


Oct. 20: “Wealth Management” –Michael Zhuang, founder and principal of MZ Capital Management, will discuss about wealth management for student interest infinance topics. (Pizza lunch provided). The event will be hold at 12:15pm, BOB500. To RSVP, please email Walter Fenner at wfenner@jhu.edu

Oct. 21: “Global Women in Leadership Brown Bag Discussion” –Come discuss your post-SAIS plans with accomplished SAIS Professor and Labor Markets Specialist in the Inter-American Development Bank, Dr. Jacqueline Mazza. To RSVP, please email to SAISWomenLead@gmail.com

Oct. 22: “Cartica Capital Internship Opportunities Presentation” –Mike Lubrano, managing director of corporate governance at Cartica Capital, will discuss the organization and opportunities for students. Wednesday 12:30pm – 2pm. Career Services Conference Room. To RSVP, visit SAISWorks.


Oct. 21: “Careers in Customs and International Trade” – As part of its “Getting Started” series, ASIL’s New Professionals Interest Group is pleased to host a special event on how to pursue an international law career in the areas of customs, domestic trade remedies, and international trade more broadly. These fields continue to grow both in the public and private sectors. Finding the appropriate avenue to enter this field of practice, however, can be difficult. Panelists at this event will share their perspectives as experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds. The moderator will pose questions to highlight professional development advice. Tuesday 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm. American Society of International Law. For more information click here

Oct. 22: “Integration and Trade Forum 2014” – The Integration and Trade Sector of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has the pleasure of inviting you to a high level discussion Forum on “The 21st Century Trade Architecture: Implications for Latin America and the Caribbean”, that will take place on October 20th at IDB Headquarters in Washington, D.C. The event will bring together representatives from the public and private sectors and from international organizations to discuss the most pressing policy challenges of a rapidly evolving global trade environment, in particular, the current trade and investment patterns, the emergence of a new global trade architecture and the increasing importance of the trade facilitation agenda, with an emphasis on the Latin America and the Caribbean economies. Wednesday 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm. Inter-American Development Bank. For more information click here

Oct. 23: “Challenging the Status Quo: The Cato Institute’s Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives” – When the Federal Reserve was founded in 1913, it was with the purpose of providing for a stable monetary and financial system. However, the Great Depression, the Great Inflation, and the Panic of 2008 serve as serious reminders of the Fed’s failure to achieve its original mission. Yet, despite this record, the Fed’s regulation of the economy has expanded. After a century, it is time to judge the Federal Reserve’s history and evaluate alternatives to central banking. To that end, the Cato Institute has established the Center for Monetary and FinancialAlternatives, which will focus on the development of policy recommendations that will create a more free-market monetary system in the United States. Join Cato’s scholars for a discussion on how the Cato Institute’s new center seeks to educate the public and elected officials on the need for a monetary system that is consistent with the rule of law and genuine competition. Thursday 12:00 pm. Cato Institute. For more information click here

Oct. 23: “Avoiding the Blind Alley: China’s Economic Overhaul and Its Global Implications” – In November 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping and other leaders announced a bold and comprehensive program of economic modernization, backed up by political reforms. Yet observers in China and abroad have been skeptical that this program will set China’s economy on a new path to sustained growth and bolster its trade and investment relationships, which have great importance for the global economy and for governments and businesses around the world. The Asia Society Policy Institute offers new insights on the changing profile and prospects of what will soon be the world’s largest economy. Thursday 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm. Asia Society. For more information click here

Newsletter Contributors
On-Campus Events: Wenxin Lin
Off-Campus Events: Jingwen Lu
Jobs & Internships: Emily Chen
Editor: Wendy Zhiyi Chen


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