Sep. 12 – General Interests Meeting Agenda (Fall 2014)

October 23, 2014


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General Interests Meeting Fall 2014 Agenda
Friday, 9/12/2014, 4:30pm, Nitze 517
1. Purpose of the club, our association with the Int’l finance specialization
• The SAIS International Finance Club is a student-run organization dedicated to helping SAIS students explore and pursue careers in finance.
• As one of the largest and most active student organizations on campus (300 current student on mailing list, 1000 including past alumni, 15 events last year, an average of once every other week)
• Hosts events with finance as the central theme. We invite top practitioners and academics to give seminars to our members, as well as the SAIS community. Our events have both an academic as well as professional development focus. In addition to events that are aimed to discuss current finance and economic topics, provide career treks and regular seminars and training sessions that help students with technical skills and knowledge, including mock interviews, internship panels, and lectures (accounting course).
• The Club works closely with the school’s Career Services office, as well as the International Economics department. Our Faculty advisers are Prof. Bodnar and Prof. Leeds who gives guidance on events with academic focus, and Jean-Amiel, Director of the SAIS Career Services, acts as the Club Advisor supporting us with career and alumni related events. We collaborate with other clubs (GWL, EEC)
• In December 2012, the SAIS International Finance Club was the recipient of the Student Grant from the JHU Alumni Association. Leadership had been strong in the previous years, the club was awarded with the 2012 Career Club of the Year by Career Services and SGA.

2. Introduction of committee (functions, background)
• President: Cynthia Yuan Wang

• Executive Vice President: Jingwen Lu

• Vice President: Dominique Lam, Emily Chen, Nicholas Morrow, Charles Gilbert, Tianyi Tang, Isaac Shmulewitz, Wenxin Lin, Wendy Chen

1314 Leadership Photo

3. Past events, plans for this semester
Past events have discussed issues regarding the divisions within a financial institution, the European Debt Crisis, Dodd-Frank, Economic outlooks in East Asia, suggestions on finding a summer internship, and impact investing (Question: do I need to want to work in banking or have previous knowledge of finance to get involved? NO!) -> Website.
• Selected Past Events:
o Former Vice Chairman of the Fed Donald Kohn: Macroprudential Regulations
o Former Managing Director of the IMF John Lipsky: Rise of Emerging Markets
o Managing Director at Morgan Stanley: Anatomy of Bank
o CIO OF Bessemer Trust: Conversations with Rebecca Patterson
o Head of Global Strategy at Coco-Cola: Social Good of Multinational Corporations
o Finance Club Networking Event with the Fed Reserve Bank of NY (career services)
o Finance/Consulting Club Trivia Night
o Annual Finance Club Speed Interview Event
o “Finance 101 Lecture Series”: 5 panels on personal finance, impact investing, etc.
o Careers in Energy Finance – A Panel Discussion (EEC Club)
• Fall 2014 Plan:o Finance Internship Panel – Sept 11
o Movie Night – “The Inside Job” with Prof. Leeds
o Warren Buffett Meeting & Lunch in Omaha – Oct 16~17
o Former Managing Director at JP Morgan: Global Investment Management
o President & CEO of Fed Reserve Bank of Atlanta – Oct 29
o Happy Hour & Energy Finance Trivia – Nov 7
o Skills Panel & Career Services Skills Course Study Group
o Interview workshop with Gary Talerico (tentative)
Reminder of Trip to Meet Warren Buffett in Omaha: 20 SAIS students (10 are females).
Company visit + Q&A session + Lunch paid by Buffett. Costs are not covered, estimated at $300-400, with a group discount for hotel. Application form will be sent out soon.

4. Leadership positions, membership
• Handover takes place one semester earlier than most other clubs (end of this semester). We are actively recruiting club representatives.
• Club membership comes in two forms: committee and general members.
o Membership in the International Finance Club is open to the entire community of SAIS students, regardless of concentration or background. All of you here today counts as general member, you receive a weekly newsletter that details internship opportunities, club events, and job listings and come to our events. If you are not looking to join the committee but want to help out with events, please sign-up as volunteers as we will always need people to help us sign-in, take photographs and logistics etc.
o Committee participate in official club meetings and have formal titles as Vice President, they plan events and are expected to attend events with some degree of regularity. This is a great way to get experience working in and leading an organization (priority in career treks and popular events).
§ Second years, MIEF, Bologna, HNC: Vice Presidents
§ First years: first year reps. Most first-year reps have gone on to leadership positions within the club.

5. Final Announcement
• New York Finance Trek – For questions, please contact Career Services office
• Professor Leeds will teach a half credit version of “Private Equity Investing in Emerging Markets” during the spring 2015 semester (7 sessions). As with the PE course taught by Prof. Leeds this semester, a graduate level corporate finance course (or equivalent professional experience) is a pre-requisite, and the course will be limited to 24 students. Details about the class schedule and syllabus will be available in a few weeks.



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