Weekly Newsletter: May 8, 2012

The Finance Club’s busy semester ended with a bang on Friday when Career Services and SGA named us the SAIS Career Club of the Year. We’d like to thank everyone who participated in our events this year, both as attendees and speakers. Additionally, the assistance we received from Career Services throughout the year has been instrumental in our success. Thank you to both Julie Neilland Liz Jimenez for their patience and support. Thank you as well to our faculty advisers, Professor Roger Leeds and Professor Gordon Bodnar. Finally, thanks to our previous two club presidents: Sharon Hwang and Harrison Moskowitz. Both Sharon and Harrison spent countless hours helping to build the club into what it is today, and we are grateful for the leadership and dedication they provided.

We’re already looking forward to the next academic year. With your support and participation, we’ll do our best to bring you even more interesting speakers and useful professional development events. We’ll work hard to engage with alumni and continue to raise the profile of SAIS as a school that produces excellence in international finance.

If you’re interested in getting involved, you can attend our final meeting of the semester tomorrow evening from 6:30 – 7:30pm (mostly likely in N508 – indicate you’re coming and we’ll email tomorrow afternoon to confirm the location).

Also, you don’t want to miss Sam Lee’s short video recapping our Finance 101 lecture series. Best of luck with exams!

–Your SAIS International Finance Club Leadership


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